Browns v. Bengals observations

It’s been awhile since I posted about a Browns game. Every week was practically the same thing, I might as well copy/paste whatever I wrote at the beginning of the season. Getting back to it now because the Browns finally did something different, not just win, but play to their strengths. Here we go!

  • For whatever reason, despite any faults they have, the Browns come ready to play for primetime. Granted both times have been at home, but they have been rock solid. It’s why part of me thought a Halloween game at home in primetime, this team will find a way to win. And they pretty much did.
  • At the start the offense was uhhh…a situation. The defense on the other hand, was red-hot. I’ll give Joe Woods credit for coaching like his job is on the line. Because it was for several weeks and the last two weeks the defense has done well enough to give team chance to win. They did it this time. Myles came to play, Takitaki played like his hair was on fire, rookie Isiah Thomas got first career sack, Emerson balled out. Even JJ3 made an open field tackle or two. Unbelievable!
  • Once the offense opened up it felt like they could do whatever they wanted and if Watson was playing this game would’ve gotten out of hand quickly. Brissett always had plenty of time to throw and when he got sacked it was because he didn’t read pocket well. Outside of a few dumb plays (that Amari Cooper throw?!) the Browns really executed well. The second half alone should be the blueprint moving forward.
  • To latch on to the last part, the second half was the best coached and executed half of football the team has had offensively in awhile. Maybe part of it was Bengals just couldnt get anything going, but the Browns just ran, literally, with their strengths no matter what. Then opened up with long passes. Even if Chubb got stuffed or Hunt got a yard, they still ran the ball. During the losing streak if there was a bad run, they just quit doing it. Basically what happened in Baltimore last week and really what made the Patriots game spiral out of control. It took awhile, but Stefanski finally stuck to this strengths and it made his QB look good.
  • I don’t know if Mike Priefer will be around anymore. Can’t imagine a unit going through major struggles every game. Yes York made a 55 yarder, but Bojorquez shanked a punt for no reason, the return game for kick/punts is beyond abysmal. Getting York’s first kick blocked was just embarrassing, since it just happened last week. I think the Browns can just throw anyone in there and just watch tape of good special teams units and copy everything they do. Every team’s special teams unit is bottom roster guys mixed with some starters, but the Browns just can’t seem to get anything right. York will be a good kicker but he’s not getting any favors from a coach who can’t do right.
  • Browns go into a bye week to celebrate, rest, get healthy, and recharged for the second half of the season, literally. I think they can go 2–1 as the Dolphins are beatable, Bills are tough, and Bucs look lost with Brady halfway tuned out. Then Watson comes back and you got 3 division games mixed with other winnable games (Texans/Commanders, etc). If Browns keep it close in division and beat division foes, they might have a shot. Getting this win was huge. Yes they shoulda/coulda won more, and be better than 3–5, but we’re here and it’s time to rest up and just get better. Play to the strengths and good things happen. GO BROWNS!!



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