Browns v. Chargers observations

The Chargers held on dearly to defeat the Browns 30–28 as Cade York missed a 54 yard field goal wide right. Here are my observations which really will encompass the team.

  • I think the Browns need a 2018 blow-up and reset. In 2018 after about 8 games of Hue Jackson looking more like a clown, the Browns cut their losses with him and then to the surprise of many, also did the same with offensive coordinator Todd Haley. In retrospect, Haley was nearly as much of a clown, but I digress. Greggggg Williams was promoted to interim head coach, and Freddie Kitchens (a running backs coach) was promoted to call plays (something he had never done). The Browns then were desperate. They had too much talent to waste on piss poor coaching and management. Somehow, with those crazy changes, the Browns became competitive and nearly made the playoffs despite a horrific start to the season.
  • I don’t think the Browns start is horrific this year, but they need a shake up. They need a reset that should involve coaches and players. Here is mine (you can take it or or leave it). Relieve Joe Woods of his duties, maybe even Jeff Howard the secondary coach too, promote Chris Kiffin on interim role. Cut/trade Grant Delpit, Greedy Williams, and Jacob Phillips. Put Sione Takitaki or even JOK as MIKE linebacker(I’d prefer former). Trade D’Ernerst Johnson and find a linebacker/defensive tackle that’s better rated than our current crop. They aren’t even playing DEJ, so might as well get something in exchange. Call Ndomakung Suh and use his services, he wants to be there, I’m sure his effort and leadership will be well respected. Andrew Berry needs to scour the market and upgrade any positions on defense.
  • I would relieve Mike Preifer of his duties and find anyone who can coach/develop the special teams. Can’t be that difficult. We have a prized rookie kicker who is struggling, we can’t return kicks/punts at all. Our punter is good I guess. I would relieve any of Stefanki’s friends so everyone knows their jobs aren’t quite safe and need to improve.
  • The new defensive scheme should be more aggressive but simple. Play guys straight up, stop the zone coverage, it never works. Get guys who know how to tackle, even if their practice squad guys, I’m sure they can learn a defense. Every offense and defense scheme in NFL is practically the same, with a few nuances. Guys can pick it up easily.
  • Stefanski needs to have Chubb and Hunt on field and use them to run and receive, especially in red zone. Start incorporating Demetric Felton (if they don’t, they relieve him) and Jerome Ford. Find out if either could spell Kareem Hunt, if you decide Hunt isn’t answer beyond this year. The Browns drafted Ford for that very reason yet he’s only returned kicks (sigh). Put Anthony Schwartz back to receive punts and kicks, otherwise move on from him. Start utilizing David Bell more in passing situations, he’s quick enough to catch screens or slants. Either Harrison Bryant is useful to block AND catch, or just a find a tight end who can do both. Start targeting Njoku 10x per game as well as Cooper.
  • QB sneak Brissett if less than 2 yards on fourth down, no matter what. Start putting Myles Garrett and Clowney in different positions on defense just to mix it up and get them free to the QB for pressure and sacks.
  • If inside the 10 yard line run Chubb/Hunt or QB sneak it behind center just to gain enough yards and get in the end zone. Nothing cute or for the QB to overthink anything else unless a receiver is so wide open its impossible to miss him.
  • The Browns need to reset and adjust big time. It starts with the defense and special teams, some changes on offense, and this team is good enough to win. They are shooting themselves in the foot and lacking any awareness in key situations. 2018 worked out fine and that was with rookies at many key positions. This is a much better squad. They need a wake up call and they need to adjust and perform, and most importantly close games. GO BROWNS!!



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