Browns v. Dolphins observations

The Browns got physically abused and dominated in route to a 39–17 loss down in Miami. The Browns basically led 7–0 then proceeded to be outscored 30–3 at one point. The warts all came back in full force and it looked like team quit once again, especially on defense.

  • Two weeks to prep for an opponent, maybe a week and half if you gave the players and coaches time off to reset/recharge. Still a ton of time to prep, rest up, and be re-energized, and it was all for naught. The Bengals game, like last years initial blow out, was an anomaly. Maybe we should have learned. The team was just completely over matched in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Literally another no name running back had a career day. Whatever was accomplished on defense two weeks ago, was out of the window.
  • Calls of Joe Woods firing commenced again. He tried hard the previous two games, but then for whatever reason fell back into his ways. Loose zone defense, no pressure, no blitzing, huge running gaps, etc. Tua had ALL day to throw, if he was pressured it was less than 5x and even then I don’t think he was knocked down. And those minimal pressures he literally threw the ball to the ground nearly every time. Wouldn’t the Browns have disguised blitzes and pressures. They kept trying to bat pass down instead of running right at him and just knocking him down. Dude’s had multiple concussions and doesn’t like being hit. Apparently the Browns defense was like ‘eh, we will let him throw with ease’.
  • The Browns offense couldn’t get anything going once running game was not working. Again Jed Wills looks like lost cause, Jack Conklin had his worse game as a Brown. Losing Teller early sucked cause there’s no reliable backup. Even still, Miami hit hard, played hard, and dared to the Browns to be physical, and there was no answer.
  • Kevin Stefanski is going to have another subpar year and his unwillingness to not fired Woods and Preifer will bite him big time. There’s now too much pressure once Watson comes back to try and work miracles. I can’t see the Browns winning until he gets back. I thought the Browns had a chance in this game, but everything just sucked, even the stuff they do well. Stefanski is not being helped by coaches and is still ‘trying to figure it out’. He had to remove Woods and Preifer early, thank them for their time, but there’s no accountability and little to no leadership.
  • The defense will need an overhaul and guys need to be used to their strengths. Myles needs to move around more on the line, Clowney is hit/miss and not really worth the time, develop Alex Wright and Isiah Thomas. The middle of the defensive line is useless and Andrew Berry failed to improve it even one iota. Outside of Newsome/Ward/Emerson and maybe Takitaki, who at least plays hard, get rid of everyone else. Start playing a guy like D’Anthony Bell who gives a shit, maybe even AJ Green who plays like he gives a shit. No one cares and the team gives up too easily. I’m curious to see how team plays when Watson returns. Not sure if the giving up is related to QB play (Brissett played okay) but this team gives up a lot. Two bad losses in a month. This team should probably be 6–3 if they had their shit together.
  • The Bills game might be another bloodbath, the warts are still there, Stefanski can’t figure it out, Woods is clueless and his staff isn’t doing anything. Just a shame to waste a fuckin year with some generational talent when you needed to coach very well for this year. Can’t think of another team that’s had REALLY bad losses like the Browns. Only they can outdo themselves, which is saying something.



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