Browns v. Falcons observations

The Browns fell to the Falcons 23–20 in another close game where the Browns made things more difficult than usual and of course fell on their own sword at the end. Below are my observations

  • It’s starting to get annoying with this coaching staff, particularly the head coach and the defensive coordinator. It’s getting annoying when the staff tries to be cute or special and it obviously blows up in their face. It’s annoying when the defensive coordinator fails to adjust the defense when the two (or three) top defenders are out. It’s getting annoying when this team could be winning by double digits or possessions and just fails miserably in doing so.
  • Kevin Stefanski needs to be a head coach. Pretty sure I wrote this same thing after the Jets debacle and this one almost feels the same way. Open the season against four mediocre QBs that even your BACKUP could be feasible to win games and you’re 2–2!? That’s a MAJOR FAIL! If these games happened later in the year, coaches lose jobs, coordinators are starting to look elsewhere. The Browns are playing like this against crap opponents, I can’t imagine how they would play against actually good opponents. Good lord — get with the program Browns!
  • JOK looking lost in pass coverage like usual, what exactly is that guys job? Is he supposed to play tough run D? Is he supposed to eye the QB? Is he supposed to cover someone? Every pass play he was just covering…nobody…like wouldn’t he question that and then decide on his own I’m getting after the QB? Or I’ll cover somebody/anybody? Is football THAT complicated? Am I THAT ignorant?
  • The Falcons last TD drive they ran EVERY single time. The Browns made ZERO adjustments the entire drive. That should get Woods the axe. Oh good job holding a mediocre team with a QB who can’t throw to this many yards Joe. Guess what they just ran over 200 yards cause you decided not to ‘stack the box’ as the experts say. Honestly, even with the players they have, the Browns should have forced Mariota to throw the ball. He stunk nearly every time. But no- Joe wants to play ‘his coverage’ and Mariota throws drunk passes in the air and of course they’re caught cause guys are WIDE open once again.
  • Kevin Stefanski — why didn’t Chubb and Hunt get 25 carries a piece…why didn’t D’Earnest Johnson even get a carry or a touch? You had a team with the 30th run defense and you decided your QB should throw the ball nearly 30 times? WTF Kevin!? You’re run game averaged 5/play, why wouldn’t you run every time. Get 8 offensive lineman out there and just pound the ball all game. Why didn’t you take the easy points? Didn’t your boss just spend millions on a kicker? Are you once again trying to outsmart yourself and others?
  • God this game and these coaches are annoying. The players deserve better and Chubb not even being ON THE FIELD for the last drive should have been the nail in coffin for Stefanski. He’s done that numerous times. Its just unreal how these coaches just can’t recognize obvious things. Football isn’t complicated folks. Sports in general are not complicated nor complex. We try to make them that way, but they’re not. Anyone with a functioning brain can figure out a sport and do well. Its a job in the end. Do your job coaches! Geez this isn’t that hard. GO BROWNS!



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