Browns v. Jets observations

The Browns improbably lost to the Jets 31–30 in a fashion that is evermore embarrassing even for the Browns. Below are thoughts/observations.

  • These are the types of losses that cost coordinator jobs; lead to players being traded/cut; and increase the risk or a coach losing his job. This was just inexcusable in so many ways.
  • Kevin Stefanski needs to make some tough decisions that could rock the boat. Move on from either Mike Preffier or Joe Woods. Advise Andrew Berry to move on from Grant Delpit and Ronnie Harrison (maybe JJ3, although he was okay). Stefanski needs to save his job, and these decisions, while tough, will save his job. Its shady, its CYA, but Stefanski hasn’t had it easy and Haslem is going to blame him if the Browns don’t look remotely in contention with Watson back.
  • Now its only Week 2. Browns could rebound, but the problems are still persisting from a year ago even two years ago. Stefanski can’t get his team to function successfully as one whole unit. I think he did it twice. Pittsburgh in wild card and last years Bengals game in Cincy. Every other game, its either offense hot/defense cold and vice versa. There was no reason to have Joe Flacco look this good, this comfortable, and this confident. None!
  • What is saving some jobs is the Browns quickly move on to Pittsburgh on Thursday night. That is at home, and not a gimme. Not with this defense. They apparently wanted to take the day off. The breakdowns continued. Wide open guys constantly. The Jets had zero timeouts and Browns let them get to the sidelines with ease. The game winning TD, nobody even bothered to check Garrett Wilson at line of scrimmage. It was all loose zone defense. And loose zone defense never wins you games.
  • Jacoby Brissett stepped up, Amari Cooper had great game, Chubb and Hunt delivered again. But the defense let them down. Nearly did last week too, lest we forget. The rookie kicker made one mistake and the Browns didn’t step up.
  • The breakdowns on the defense are getting old, if the scheme is too complicated, change it up. You have pro bowlers in secondary, play guys straight up, stop this zone crap. It clearly doesn’t work. Delpit has no idea how to cover in space. Ronnie Harrison is useless, Denzel Ward playing too loose, Greg Newsome playing too loose, JJ3 isn’t leading. Anthony Walker didn’t do enough, and yes Myles Garrett didn’t do enough.
  • The defense has to do better and be better. This is getting annoying and what I’ve been harping on for the last three years. Joe Woods was a problem in year 1, somewhat redeemed year 2, now back to stinking up the joint in year 3 already. There is too much talent on this team. The QB played his ass off today and the defense never stepped up. Especially when the game was easily put away and Jets only had one timeout, all the defense had to do was step up and close it out for good, and they respond with not covering a guy. Where’s the leadership? Where is the accountability? Where are the results?
  • Stefanski is going to lose this team quickly if there’s no accountability on the defense. It’s not fair to the offense and team in general. I don’t need apologies, neither do fans. Get results. Beat inferior teams you’re better than. Good teams do that. Bad teams let inferior teams hang around and give them hope. The Browns right now play like a bad team. They have Five days to figure it out. Let’s see what the coaches and players are made of on that night. GO BROWNS!!



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