Browns v. Lions observations

  • There are deep issues with this team and I’m wondering how much of it has to do with Baker Mayfield still quarterbacking this team. I really think that is the bane of everything that has gone wrong. The team and even coaching staff is not fully trusting of him, but are still worried about some quarterback controversy by playing Case Keenum more than usual. The fact of the matter is, this team is not in good shape and played horrible again and won in spite of its performance.
  • There are good and bad combos to have as a sports team. Good and entertaining is the best combo, there is good and boring, which is okay but its like slightly average teams. There is entertaining and bad, which is a team full of future promise but just not now. Then there is boring and bad, and that's the Browns (at least outside the Bengals game) the last 6 weeks. They are boring, predictable, and bad. They win games in spite of their performances. They go from looking like contenders for a Super Bowl, to a top draft pick pretender in a span of a week. The only thing making the Browns look legit is that more than half the league is like this too. That is their only saving grace.
  • I honestly don’t know what to expect next Sunday against the Ravens. Its a night game so that brings out something special, but I do wonder whether the Browns are mentally and physically ready. Yes, their bye week is late in the season, but they knew that going in. Make the necessary adjustments and prepare for it. It’ll suck, but it seems the Browns weren’t prepared for their bye week being in week 13.
  • The leadership and pride of this team has been called into question, by me on this blog, and I’ve seen it on social media. If the Browns had any type of leadership and pride this game would have been 30–0 easily. The constant mistakes, which are still happening more than 10 weeks in the season are very troubling. The inconsistency of any type of play from either side of the ball is maddening. The coaching appears to be exposed in some form or fashion, and it doesn’t look like they know how to adjust.
  • I think this Ravens doubleheader (split between the bye week) will determine this season. If the Browns somehow right the ship and get this series at 2–0 or even 1–1, I think they are okay. If its 0–2 and/or its blowouts, the season is done. I know the Browns have 4 games after this series, but I really do think if everything crashes and burns, that’ll be it. Honestly, I do wonder if the there are players who want that. There are too many troubling things going on and as written above, its all about the QB.
  • Kevin Stefanski playing Baker today would have been a fireable offense had he not been COY and taken team to playoffs and maybe went like 5–11 last year. Past Browns coaches who had that resume and would have pulled this off would have been canned. I think even bad coaches from other teams in league, it would be the same fate. Just a grotesque error in judgement that didn’t help the team whatsoever and honestly, if Keenum isn’t trusted, why is he the backup? There is definitely something going on there. My theory, AB and DePodesta want to see Baker in full, despite the injuries to determine his next contract. They don’t want Keenum playing 5–6 games in a season and Browns don’t know what they have in Baker. Otherwise, I think Stefanski wants Keenum. I can’t see any other reason that makes sense.
  • Its back to divisional games, the Browns are 1–1 (dominated one, lost ugly in another). Again have no idea what to expect. First round in Baltimore, Sunday Night Football. Last time Browns played at night they looked impressive, with backups. Maybe another round of that?! This team needs to put up or shut up. Every game after this is either divisional or its Raiders/Packers. Browns playoff run stems on winning the division and they still have a shot somehow. We will see what they are truly made of next Sunday night. GO BROWNS!!




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