Browns v. Panthers Observations

Cade York saves the Browns season with an incredible 58 yard field goal with 8 second left and the Browns finally win a season opener for the first time since 2004. Their first ROAD opening win since 1994. The last two sentences seem pathetic and they were, but a W is a W. I’ll take it despite some large concerns that I’m not sure get rectified soon.

  • I’ll note again that Cade York saved this season. The Browns lose this, blowing a double digit lead against an inferior opponent, that includes Baker Mayfield, the Browns are done. Stefanski is on a red hot seat, including the coaching staff. Fans are disgruntled with Brissett and want Dobbs. Myles Garrett and Chubb are quietly annoyed and start navigating elsewhere. This seems hyperbolic, but this is where the Browns are right now. They avoided a complete meltdown and their rookie kicker showed enough poise to save them and their season.
  • Despite the ending, the Browns have a LARGE WART at QB. Jacoby Brissett is just not good. You’re playing a backup anyways, just play Josh Dobbs. There’s no way anyone could argue Dobbs would be worse than Brissett today, NONE! Not playing Brissett enough in preseason and just thinking he can pick up the flow of the offense through practices was a huge red flag. It was obvious he did not feel comfortable throughout the game. Every pass was either a miraculous catch or a near interception. Even is lone TD throw was so low, Kareem Hunt had to dive to get it. Some could say its Week 1 jitters, but that’s what preseason is for. Get the reps, get the flow, understand the timing, work on adjustments. This wasn’t a great Carolina defense, and Browns receivers (yes THAT group) was getting open. Brissett couldn’t find them or did so late. At least 14 points left off the board that I could fairly count against JB. He needs to be just average or above average. If he was average today, the Browns drop 30+ points and game is over by 3rd quarter if not halftime.
  • The defense continues to fall into lulls where they give up too easy types of drives. It appears the safeties get extremely confused and some opposing WR is wide open. JJ3 deciding not cover anyone, Delpit not even paying attention when TE just runs right past him. The defense goes from lights out, to complete breakdowns. That’s coaching, but also player leadership. The Browns have lockdown corners and a potent pass rush, they don’t need safety help all the time. Stay in your lane safeties. Had they done so, Carolina probably doesn’t even score at all today. It’s such little things, but Browns defense can break easily.
  • Nick Chubb had a game…Kareem Hunt had a game…Myles Garrett had a game…Cade York…Borjorez just booming kicks…those are my MVPs for today. Could say Browns off. line too — they protected JB enough to make plays and got the team to surpass 200 yards rushing.
  • The Browns have a lot of talent, but they need more from a QB to get comfortable and confident. They don’t need a world beater (they will get that in Week 11). In meantime, they need competent QB play. They didn’t get it. Hope JB improves, but honestly if he struggles again next week, at home, fans will chant for Dobbs. The talent level isn’t that stark among the backups here.
  • The Jets appear to be a quasi-dumpster fire like the Panthers. They are a year away but really looked bad against the Ravens. Starting Joe Flacco will do that. Browns have no excuses getting to 2–0. They need to make this one easy. Recognize who is in front of you and complete the tasks! The guys I mentioned above did so, but not everyone, especially the QB.
  • Last note — I’m not a fan of Demetric Felton returning punts. Think Schwartz should get a shot. Speaking of, he did well with some end arounds today.
  • Browns are 1–0…they made it difficult, but they are 1–0 and that hasn’t happened since I was 20 years old in college. Maybe this is a sign, but there are still things to work on. GO BROWNS!!



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