Browns v. Ravens observations

  • The last game the Browns defense played out of their minds and yet the offense did next to nothing. Today the offense did bit more than needed and defense got a little too loose late in game. This time around the Browns were victorious but they got lucky. Lamar Jackson left game with injury in first half and Browns had chances to really put this game away. They never did.
  • The offense is still troubling. Yes Browns had two touchdown passes but if not for Myles strip sack and return for TD, they would have lost today. The offense got shut out in second half. Just inexcusable this late in season and facing the same opponent from two weeks ago. Ravens had some excuses with top players out, especially at quarterback and yet they fought back. The Browns seemed shocked they were up by so much and just tried to survive. Never a winning formula.
  • The warts are still out. The offense just gets in these lulls where they cant score a lot of points. The defense plays very well and then decides to lay off for several plays. The latter was especially apparent in second half. Not sure what the strategy was and why. This was a ‘must win’ game and Browns seemed out of sorts late in game, mostly entire second half. Just not a good look and embarrassing for this late in season.
  • Not sure if Browns win out. Just don’t think they are talented enough to do so. Vegas Raiders got crushed today but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t beat the Browns. Browns are weird team where they are completely beatable and could also win their games by slimmest of margins. Not sure what to make of this team. No reason they should have lost to Ravens or had this game be close. They are just so much better than what they present. Myles and Ward showed up today. In fact for most part defense held firm. Offense on other hand, Baker played alright but nothing special. Nobody made a big play, outside of maybe DPJ. Running game still a struggle. We will see how this team responds coming off a huge win that got dicey. No room for error here on out. Browns have to win out to advance past 17 games. GO BROWNS!




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