Browns v. Steelers observations

The Browns once again decided to keep a game close, but they got the W and beat Shitsburgh aka Pittsburgh 29–17. At 2–1 and with 10 days off, the team can unwind both mentally and physically. Here are my thoughts below.

  • Lets start off positive!! Jacoby Brissett is playing very well. After that weird week 1 game where he looked off and uncomfortable he’s been lights out since. If only our defense was good — sorry stay positive! — anyways, he was awesome last night. Took some bad sacks here and there, but overall made great throws and led very long drives with both running and passing. Props to him! Again he keeps playing like this, the Browns got a shot
  • Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt doing the damn thang!! Stefanski needs to keep using them, and quite frankly even mix up more reverses to keep things honest. Those two though are killing it. Chubb is on pace for 2k yards, Hunt doing the rest of the dirty work. The Steelers still have a good defense (even without TJ Watt) and Browns dropped over 150 yards rushing on them. Good job good effort!
  • The defense…sigh…the middle second half to end of game they were good I guess. There’s something wrong. I think its both a combo of bad scheming and players just not really being as good as we think. Anthony Walker being hurt might be big, we’ll see. JOK was hurt and that was noticeable. Ward playing 5–10 yards off some guy named Dionte Johnson was weird. Pretty telling once he played him straight up he didn’t give up a catch. Hmmm — -think if you’re a Pro Bowler just play the guy straight up and not give cushion. JJ3 made some key plays late but he still has a lot to be desired. Without Clowney Browns couldn’t get a pass rush until very late when Steelers were overly desperate. They gotta figure out something different and maybe make moves to fix interior line. Something cause this is a problem that NOBODY thought would be a problem.
  • Special teams is so much hit/miss…York misses extra point again but then drills kickoffs and gets a key field goal late. Borjoquez is unreal, that last punt?! Textbook coffin corner!! Rodgers who got promoted from practice squad was solid — bye Felton! But 12 men on field for FG?! Like its the little things that destroy this team sometimes. Kevin Stefanski needs to pay more attention to the details. If that means giving up playcall duties, so be it. Doubt AVP would mess things up offensively.
  • Team has 10 days to rest/recover and get guys back healthy for trip down to Atlanta. The Falcons are another bad team, but we know that means nothing with this Browns team. The defense needs to be fixed. The special teams needs upgraded. The offense is rolling and needs to keep that up! I wouldn’t be surprised if Browns tried a trade during this time. D’Ernest Johnson has been inactive all season and he’s too good to sit. Think Browns will find a team for him to play and get something good in return,like a defensive line help or even linebacker help. I doubt Walker is back anytime soon. The Browns won and that’s what matters. They also got a division win which is key. Lets enjoy it for next 10 days, then go beat Atlanta and get ready for the tough stretch afterwards. GO BROWNS!!



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