Buckeyes v. Wisconsin observations

Ohio St steamrolled the Badgers 52–21 and it wasn’t really that close. I nearly misspelled the title for this blog like I was Wisconsin’s defense last night. Anyways here are some observations.

  • This Buckeyes unit is incredible. They don’t even have Jaxon Smith-Njigba(JSN) and it didn’t matter. They dropped 52 points on a team that doesn’t give up points like that. Everything looked so easy like they were playing a MAC team again. Maybe being a night game the Buckeyes were jacked and wanted to prove they should move up a spot.
  • Wisconsin hasn’t been the same since about 2019. Paul Chryst looks confused as hell and their offensive identity is still plain as ever. I think they need to get with the times. If they had a functional offense and recruited better QBs with their defense they might be really good. But that offense was toast right away and this game was over early, 21–0.
  • The Buckeyes defense is starting to get better each week. The 4th quarter was I guess an issue, but when you’re blowing a team out, sometimes that happens. Really not concerned whatsoever. When it was real time during the game, they just shut the Badgers down. I like what I’m seeing from this defense and with the offense clicking, this team is gonna be a problem for opponents come October and November.
  • I actually thought this game would be close like Notre Dame. I don’t think anyone expected a blow out. Or the game to come so easy for the Buckeyes. I enjoyed it for sure, but just shocked at how quickly the Badgers wilted and even when they tried to fight back it was too late.
  • Looking at the remaining the schedule. There’s Rutgers next week. That should be a blowout. Michigan St after that, which who the hell knows, they got crushed by Minnesota. Then Iowa who’s offense is more putrid than Wisconsin. Then its Penn State. I may keep an eye on Michigan St and Penn St. I think those will be the toughest games until Michigan. Iowa could be weird game, but think Bucks take care of business. Marlyand is week before Michigan and they are feisty enough. Still I think the Buckeyes are just rolling right now. They have put everyone on notice the past two weeks. They dropped 77 on Toledo who is just as good as Kent St, which the latter dropped 22 on Georgia in Georgia. Sorry Georgia should drop…isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?
  • Get some guys healthy, would love to see JSN back in mix. Keep the defense humming, and Stroud hitting TDs like clockwork. GO BUCKS!!



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