Cleveland Browns Season Predictions

New season — new predictions!! Waited a few days due to some last minute roster changes that came through. Figure this is who the Browns will roll with Week 1 and for most of season — barring injuries and other stuff. Weirdest offseason, weirdest preseason — -gotta be a weird regular season…right?! Hopefully its a good weird — -Its the Browns so who the eff knows. Without further ado…lets go!!

Browns at Panthers

  • Ton of story lines on this one obviously, got Baker Mayfield the previous QB now playing with new team. Have Hollywood Higgins as Panthers WR. Browns starting their backup QB cause their starter is suspended. Matt Rhule is on the hot seat for the Panthers and he spent training camp yelling at players and making them run laps for having fun. Stefanski rolling along as if nothing happened whatsoever, cool as a cucumber. The Browns carrying a bottom 5 receiver group, but it might not matter due to a top 3 running back group and offensive line. The Browns defense is ready to embarrass Baker (my conspiracy — -they hated Baker last season, especially late). The Browns are just more talented, they have little pressure being on road, I think Baker is going to self combust with all those bag of chips on his shoulders. Browns win this one by two scores. 1–0

Browns v. Jets

  • The Jets drafted really well, but their QB position is a hot mess. Joe Flacco is going to start this game and that dude is a level beyond washed up. Browns home opener as well. I think the Browns finish this one up pretty quickly with energetic home crowd behind them. Jets are about a year away (or more) depending on if Zach Wilson (who’s injured) can prove to be top tier QB. Their skill positions are solid but very young. 2–0

Browns v. Steelers

  • At some point the Browns will beat the Steelers handily in the regular season. Note the blowout against Steelers was the postseason. I can’t recall the Browns beating the Steelers soundly since like 2003 or 2004, long time ago. The Steelers always give the Browns trouble so this one might be closer than usual. The Browns always play weird at home against them, but I think with being undefeated they have chance to get the first W in the division. The Steelers offense might be worse than Browns. This could be an ugly win, but one nonetheless. 3–0

Browns at Falcons

  • I found out a few weeks ago, Marcus Mariota is the QB for Falcons. That dude never really had a moment in the league and is now in year 8 and playing for yet another franchise. Falcons have some playmakers but are still another year away. They drafted Desmond Ridder and he’s the next one — hopefully for them. I think this is another easy win for the Browns. Think they pound the ball running against a bad Falcons D and it will be Browns highest scoring output this season, so far. This game is last of the ‘easy’ part of the schedule and they take care of business. 4–0

Browns v. Chargers

  • When these teams faced off last season it was a crazy back and forth with defense being optional. I don’t know if Browns offense has that firepower this year, but being at home may help them. However, think Herbert and co. send the Browns home with a loss. Their offense is too good and defense is much better. Browns may try to keep it close, but could see this one getting slightly ugly. 4–1

Browns v. Patriots

  • Last year the Patriots with a rookie QB roasted the Browns and game was over by 2nd quarter. Not sure how much ‘revenge games’ work in NFL, but this could be one. I don’t think Mac Jones is really the guy and very limited. Brissett faces off against former team he spent time with the most. This could go either way, but think Browns don’t get it done. Belichick always has something brewing and Browns haven’t played well against him in years. 4–2

Browns at Ravens

  • Depending on the Lamar Jackson contract situation this could be interesting. I still think Ravens give him a contract and avoid distractions as much as possible. Browns have been hit or miss in Baltimore. A division game that could speak volumes. I think Browns somehow get this done and remain undefeated in division. It will be a close one for sure. 5–2

Browns v. Bengals

  • It’s a Halloween game!!! If Joe Burrow can’t beat the Browns or even Jacoby Brissett I’m not sure he ever will. However, as a whole — like team to team, I think the Browns just own the Bengals. Kind of like no matter what, the Steelers/Ravens own the Browns. Last year the Bengals were red hot, had the Browns in their own stadium and then got blown out badly. I still think Browns own Bengals and they send Joey B. to another loss. 6–2

Browns at Dolphins

  • This will be an interesting game. The Browns should beat the Dolphins, but they historically have never played well down in Miami. I could see other parts of the season where the Browns beat a team they shouldn’t have and vice versa. I see it here, this could be construed as a ‘bad loss’ due to Browns being more superior. Again another team Brissett has played for. Think Browns slip up in this one after two consecutive battles against top division opponents. 6–3

Browns at Bills

  • This could be the first of an ugly game for the Browns. The Bills are STACKED and they want the Super Bowl. Being in Buffalo I think this game is gonna be a bloodbath. We will see how truly tough Browns are mentally for this one, especially if they lose week prior to Dolphins. I still think this will be one of those 35–7 games or something where it’s not even close. 6–4

Browns v. Bucs

  • Browns get Tom Brady in Cleveland and while this game will be tough, maybe Browns catch a bit of a break, have the home crowd and sneak a win. Maybe I’m incredibly bias too. Again think this is a tough one for them, even at home. JB slinks back to sideline with 3 consecutive losses but somehow keeps Browns above water and still in contention for DW’s return. 6–5

Browns at Texans

  • Deshaun Watson’s return, in Houston, because of course. This could be a game where the Browns look off due to Watson’s return, the distraction, his rustiness, and they take another bad L. I think this game more than any on the schedule will dictate what type of team the Browns are. My hope is they slowly get Watson acclimated, just run the ball and their defense goes nuts. I believe in my hope. The Browns win ugly despite a raucous crowd in Houston. 7–5

Browns at Bengals

  • Again if Joe Burrow is the second coming, this is his shot now! At home facing Deshaun Watson, this is his time!!! Wait a minute…being told the Browns OWN the Bengals. Browns sneak out Cincy/Kentucky with a win. Watson undefeated as a starter. 8–5

Browns v. Ravens

  • As noted in years past, the Browns really struggle winning twice against the likes of Ravens/Steelers, not matter what. I could see this as a loss due to history. I think things regress to a mean. Watson struggles, Ravens take advantage and get a close win. 8–6

Browns v. Saints

  • Weird game to predict for sure. Have no idea what to make of the Saints, got a new coach, have Jameis Winston as QB, stacked at WR position, and a pretty solid defense. But this is a dome team going on road in December where its cold. Think the Browns take care of business here. Winston is due to make costly mistakes. 9–6

Browns at Commanders

  • The Browns should crush this team due to their nickname alone. They should also crush this team due to their stupid owner. They should crush this team because the Browns are in hunt for playoffs and that’s what you do against a crap team in the second last week of season. You crush them and solidify position in the postseason rankings. Browns take care of business here. 10–6

Browns at Steelers

  • For first time in maybe forever, the Browns sweep the Steelers. They finish 5–1 in the division. They stun everyone and win the division at 11–6 and get into the playoffs despite all the odds and uncertainty. Watson gets more comfortable at QB and is rolling with this team. He’s pissing everyone off cause he’s playing so well and they wanted him to suffer. The defense is consistently playing lights out. The run game is #1 in the league and WR’s hold their own. The tight ends, especially Njoku go nuts due to catches and opportunities. The special teams is the best the Browns have had in years. Stefanski shuts everyone up for a year at least. 11–6

Cleveland Browns Team Awards

Team MVP: Myles Garrett

Most Improved: David Njoku

Offensive Rookie of Year: David Bell

Defensive Rookie of Year: Alex Wright

Stefanski finishes runner-up as Coach of the Year

Browns win division for first time since 1989!!



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