Ohio State v. Michigan observations

Michigan beat Ohio St again 45–23 in a game which could have ended early if Ohio St had a pulse, but Michigan decided to do the stomping and for the first time in 22 years, there is a losing streak in Columbus for THE GAME.

  • I’m not calling for Ryan Day’s firing, he’s way too good elsewhere, but there are serious concerns about it being two years in a row and the Buckeyes getting stomped physically and mentally by their rival. Gone are the days where Michigan lays down quickly. Not happening any time soon. The Buckeyes had a chance driving the field to go up 14–3 and they failed. Going up 10–3 gave Michigan life and it was a dicey game after that.
  • CJ Stroud is just a soft QB, he’s afraid, loses confidence, and when it gets really bad, he can’t lead a big comeback. He got outplayed by JJ McCarthy, like WTF?! Stroud always had this passivity but he was skilled so we ignored it. I always thought it was weird how scared he looked in his first start against Minnesota (of all teams), then it happened against Oregon (loss) then Michigan (loss). There’s too much talent to have a scared QB. Can’t remember a one looking scared and passive like him.
  • There’s way too much talent, or we are overrating it, which begs the question, are we recruiting or are we coaching? All that offensive talent and a random guy who was a linebacker is running the ball. Dallan Hayden comes off a 140 yard performance and gets 2 carries. Apparently the only receivers are Marvin Harrision Jr, Emeka Ebuka and Julian Fleming. That’s it, maybe Xavier Johnson, but don’t dare use any other WR in our deep roster. Like does Jayln Ballard suck? What about any other playmakers? We recruit 5 stars left and right, no one is capable of making plays?
  • This is John Cooper 2.0 and Ryan Day is slowly turning into him. He’s 1–2 and his one win I think was more the Buckeys were so talented in didn’t matter what Day called in 2019. Maybe the talent gap doesn’t mean anything. At least it doesn’t to Michigan, they are 2–0 now and have immense confidence to beat Ohio St both home and away.
  • Last year we all said the ‘defense stinks’ and fixed it. Well today it reverted back to the old ways. Now what? Is this team mentally weak? Are the coaches scared of the TEAM UP NORTH? Are the recruits soft? They don’t care? It doesn’t mean anything to them? Who knows, only the Buckeyes know. Here’s the thing, I wrote this before, I don’t care about recruits or signings anymore. I don’t care how angry this loss makes them. I don’t care if they win their bowl game later this year or early next year (Jan). Just be tougher than your opponent. Iowa was tougher, Northwestern was tougher, Maryland was tougher, Penn St was tougher. You only won those games cause you were more talented. But Michigan closed a talent gap a little, but they didn’t play scared and they wanted to win badly, whatever it took. Their top running back is down, ok we will let our inferior QB throw, see what happens. They tried everything. The Buckeyes don’t try anything. No end arounds, typical pass plays, Stroud not even trying to run even though he can. On defense, there’s little pass rush, secondary is still crap somehow, linebackers are hit or miss.
  • Maybe Ryan Day inherited such a strong program it would be impossible to mess up. But maybe he’s not as great as we think, who knows. Maybe its easy to beat up on a weak conference and non conference opponents, but now he’s 1–2 against his rival. Hasn’t played in a Big10 title game since 2020, not in a playoff since that same year. They brag about upcoming recruiting classes, so what? If that doesn’t win the Big 10 or beat Michigan or get into playoffs or win a title, does it matter? If its harsh — so be it- the Standard is the Standard at Ohio St.



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