Random Sports thoughts

  • The Cavs have struggled the last month to end the season and it appears the youth of this team is showing big time. This is expected, but also the coaching staff seems unsure how to adjust to these moments and some of the basic executions have been subpar at best. The injuries are a problem, but many teams in the league have dealt with injuries and are still contending. It seems now that EVERY team is trying like the Cavs were, the playing field has adjusted and Cavs arent there just yet. As of now they have a play in spot which was the goal (and should have been last year until they gave up in December) and have a favorable matchup with Atlanta. If Cavs can just get into a playoff series, all bets are off, again untapped potential for this young squad with nothing to lose.
  • Looks like Baker Mayfield has very few takers which is eye opening, unless you are objective with how he’s performed. To be honest, the dude had 1.5 good years in 4 years and that just can’t happen. It didn’t help that he pretended his injury was nothing and was playing through it which never helped the team. But for the rest of the league to determine his contract just isn’t worth it to do a trade, speaks volumes. Its more than his play that is making teams skittish and Baker has only himself to blame. I think he still ends up in Seattle, that’s my prediction.
  • The NCAA tournament was fun to watch and there were a slew of games that were incredible from start to finish. It was only fitting, the title game was insane too! Props to Kansas, who usually bottoms out in the first weekend, getting a title when not many expected them to. Sure they were a #1 seed but they have been before and crashed hard early in tourney. Also an incredible run for UNC who really got going after holding off Baylor in the second round. They beat Duke and ended Coach K’s career which will always be a win no matter what. Lot of talent in that game and curious to see how some of those guys do at the next level.
  • Baseball is apparently coming back and I couldn’t be less excited haha. The league just doesn’t resonate like it used to and I’m not sure anything will change unless there is a reckoning across the board with ownership and commissioner. Speaking of ownership, the Guardians of Cleveland have decided not to spend any money and compete at the highest level because that always works well. My conspiracy theory is that 2016 and 2017 were the last great seasons for this team and ownership spent a ton of money in 2017 and when that fizzled in opening playoff series it was over. Now the team will have great players be traded when team can’t afford them. Looks like Jose Ramirez will be the next one on the list, followed by Shane Bieber. Just ridiculous these owners won’t sell the team and just leave the game. It’s clear they just want to pocket money and don’t care about competition. How else to explain this approach to not spending in free agency?
  • The NBA playoffs will be wide open this year. I know the Suns won 62 games but I think both conferences are pretty balanced and every series will be a banger. Hoping Cavs can get into a series cause I miss watching them in playoffs (2018 was long time ago).




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