Random sports thoughts

  • Of course there isn’t a golf major event without everyone slobbering over Tiger Woods. Honestly, not since maybe Jordan in the NBA has a sport and the media clinged so tightly to one of its stars like this. I mean yes Tiger won the Masters a few years ago, but since his ‘accident’ in 2009 he’s been alright but never the same. Yes, he had a bad car accident recently, but it feels weird just going crazy about him still when there are other golfers out there better than him. It’s like if when Jordan was with the Wizards everyone went nuts if he dunked or made a shot. Its like yeah he can still do it, but so can a lot of others now. I do wonder if/when he ever retires or goes to senior tour how golf will handle it or really how the media will handle it. I think they will still cling for him, just weird as hell.
  • The Cavs are in the play in and facing the Brooklyn Nets. Not the best matchup as I think the Nets are WAY better, but if the Cavs can win game 2 of the play in against Atlanta/Charlotte, they have a shot for the postseason. This team really needs the postseason and a 7 game series. The last two years were wasted messing around, especially last year, so they need this experience. We will find out who they truly are (as one does for any team) and I think it will be fascinating to see how these young guys react to the moment. More importantly I’m curious to see how the coaching staff will handle rotations; adjustments; and overall feel of the game. This is a big moment for everyone and this team has sputtered down the stretch. A win immediately against the Nets will calm everyone down.
  • The Cleveland baseball team apparently scored runs and the local Cleveland social media Twitter nearly broke. We’ve seen this before, the team can’t hit, then they CAN hit, then they resort back to not hitting. Again baseball doesn’t really start until June/July so I’ll check back in a few months.
  • The tragic death of Dwayne Haskins was super shocking. Just random and I’ll be curious to learn more details. Obviously, with any death, comes the articles and talks about how great the person was and filling the quote of ‘everyone loves you when you’re dead’. Not be to callous, but this death and the limited information I’ve read, makes this seem weird. Running down a highway early in the morning, hit by a dump truck? I don’t know, maybe it was a tragic accident, but I’m waiting for new information and everything and see what fully transpired. I also get a little uneasy when everything about a person is so great, they were always happy, and smiling, etc. It’s like no one is like that, its not human nature, human psychology is weird and crazy with ups/downs and everything in between. Haskins was a great football player, but it was strange how he was put in such an untenable position and even when traded still wasn’t considered a top option to be a starter (the Steelers signed Trubisky). I think there’s more to the story.
  • The draft will be here in about two weeks, now with the trade and sign of Watson, the Browns don’t draft until Day 2. I still think they will draft a WR with the 2nd round pick, I’ve said before they will be WR in free agency and draft, and still believe it. They aren’t done at that position, and elsewhere. I also think a Baker trade will have pick(s) involved too. As for who will go first, think it'll be either offensive line or defensive line (think Hutchison from UM is probably safest pick) for Jaguars.




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